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Pennsylvania is out. After not passing 3 times I finally passed the gravity portion. Getting ready for the lateral in April. If anyone is looking for a prep course go to Advanced Engineering Institute (AEI). The course really helped me a bunch from when I previously just used the PPI material.
Congrats, and I second your AEI recommendation. It is very good.
CA is out. Passed the gravity finally! (lateral passed previously) Give me that sweet sweet SE stamp NCEES!

ditto on the AEI class, the class binder material is worth its weight in gold.
I just spoke with PCS for the MA board and they said it takes 7-10 days to release the results.... wtf? Does anyone have experience with this? It seems weird that MA takes an extra week.
CA is out. Acceptable.

Unless you have strong background, doing building/bridge design in high seismic area on daily basis, or having sufficient review time, I'd suggest taking vert and lateral separately.

1st try - took both vert & lateral, failed on both with terrible scores, 3 or 4 Us for PM
2nd try - only vert, passed
3rd try - only lateral, passed

Good luck everyone!
Join the Discord Community we have Just_Bridges can use another bridge guy there
Congrats to everyone that passed! I finally got that last acceptable that I have been looking for.

For those that have not spent the money or haven't tried it yet. Go with the AEI course work. The binder is absolutely worth its weight in gold. The professors are top notch. Run problem after problem until you can't get them wrong and its like second hand!
I passed both parts on my first try! I will echo several others in recommending the aei course. It was very useful for my preparation, and some of the problems were very similar to ones I saw in both the morning and afternoon portions of each exam.
Took gravity alone and failed. Any advice on whether to attempt gravity alone again or gravity and lateral together next time?