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B.S.E. Mechanical Engineer. Navy nuke then M.B.A. Mixed business/technical career since then. Fiber optics now

I am been trying to respond to one of the threads, but I keep getting the error saying my content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements no matter what I type. Could you look into it? See attached for your reference.

Since I have failed the PE Exam three times I need to apply again to the TBPE to get a new opportunity to become a PE. For this, I need to work at least one more year in a Geotechnical Firm in Houston to get three PE letters of recommendation and update my SER.
Can anyone help me to find an Entry Level Geotechnical Engineer Position in the Houston area?, I could work there for free during one year at least. Thanks
Anybody taking the Chemical PE this year? I need some camaraderie and past NCEES practice exams. Anyone in Chem E land?