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Hi Duran,

I have been trying for my PE since last year. I failed my first attempt. I am going for my second attempt on August 5th. How was your last attempt?
DuranDuran PE
DuranDuran PE
Hello, Rajan,

I passed my last attempt. Good luck on your exam! Are you taking a class?
Hello Brother

I saw your comment about taking the exam yesterday. How was it? how did you prepare to the exam? did you take a course?

I deeply wish you a success .
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I got my NCEES evaluation summary for my Undergrad degree from India (Electronics & Communication Engineering) and it said I am missing two(2) General Education hours. Does this mean my degree is not ABET accredited?

What needs to be done next?

Please advise.
No need to do anything, general education hrs always waived by Licencing board. just apply to board for FE/EIT.