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Aug 30, 2019
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Guess I’ll start a thread since I haven’t yet seen one. When do we think we’ll see results this time around? Wasn’t sure if/how the PE exam going computer based would affect the turnaround time for SE results.
They post a "licensure exchange" most months that has a schedule. The schedule will say when the SE scoring workshop is. When it comes out it will be here: NCEES news
I just talked with NCEES chat and they said that the SE scoring workshop was this weekend (today and tomorrow).

That means results probably end of next week....
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Last term the workshop was Dec 1-3 and the results came out on 15th. So just brace yourselves. My guess is the week starting June 13th.
Haven't been back since I passed in December 2020 - a membership email I received prompted me to login today. Back when I sat for the exam, all of the Southern California candidates had to travel to Las Vegas to take the exam due to CA covid restrictions. Never thought I'd be going to Vegas for 16 hours of exams and not have the time/energy to gamble or party! What a wild ride.

Good luck to each one of you!!!
Just talked to NCEES. They said that the results won't be out until the next couple of weeks. So I think the results would be late this time.
I haven't been particularly successful for the last few Lateral attempts. Here's the history of what I've had to wait for. My guess is June 10th.

Registration for the next cycle opens June 13th, so that's another point for the results coming out before then. Thoughts?

SE Result History.PNG
I am terrible at predicting things ......

But usually results from April exam come out a bit faster than results from October exam. I looked at the last 3 years and it was usually 5-7 days after the last day of the scoring session. I still think it will be the end of this week, but I am also not feverishly refreshing NCEES website yet either.
We get the email notification of the results, so I don't see any point in refreshing NCEES. 😅