CA Surveying Exam Results - December 2022

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I passed! Not my first attempt.

Game changers:
• CPESR review book was my go-to test reference for the exam so I made notes in the book throughout my test prep and practice problems
• TI-89 calculator greatly improved my speed because of the way it handles DMS and stores previous lines of calculations so you can recall them quickly. Helpful for long calculations such as when using trig to solve for sides, then copy those answers to solve for areas. Many more examples. Was able to use scratch paper minimally because I got efficient at using the calculator after working through practice problems.
• The most efficient way to study was by working through practice problems. I supplemented CPESR with PPI Solved Problems and Practice Exams books.
• Bring PPI manual for lookup questions. It’s a quick reference for conceptual questions.

I discovered that the solutions in the practice books are way longer than needed, so don’t get overwhelmed by them or feel like you need to write down all the steps as shown. Draw a picture for bearing… think of x-y axis when looking at a problem: northing/easting, latitude/departure, rise/run. Lots of calcs are a matter of breaking it down to right triangle trig.

Lectures: I started with Reza’s class as an introduction to learn material for the exam. The latest try, I used CPESR lectures as needed for topics where I needed a refresher or more review on.

My takeaway from this experience is that leaning too heavily on lectures was my crutch. Actively working on problems and being patient with myself as I was mastering each problem was the best use of my time, even if it took a half hour or more to work through a problem.
Great info! Thanks for sharing! Im doing Reza now. Hopefully I get it first go.
I did not pass as well. Most people seem to be using the combination of CPESR and Reza.

As a structural engineer, I'm a bit at a loss of what the next steps are for me. I passed the FE, PE, and Seismic all first try...I have failed surveying now 3 times.

For those who have taken CPESR, do you feel that's adequate enough to just take the course and bring just that manual? Surveying concepts I feel aren't necessarily complex, but the calculations are more involved. And if you mess up one time in inputting something in your calculator it totally screws up the time management.
what have you been using to study during those 3 times? were you self-studying?

CEPSR and Reza is a good combo, but def put in the time to practice and really understand the fundamentals. if you're able to get your hands on other resources/cheat sheets/etc that would help too.