Nutrition, Diet, and Exercise: Notes, Goals, and Resources (these people just keep talking about crossfit)

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Aug 27, 2018
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Yeah, I'm researching right now. I think I might have a partial tear, so I'm trying to find a different doctor to confirm (the other doctor knew something was wrong but didn't do a full analysis of what was up there/didn't really suggest anything other than going lighter and resting). I'm still feeling a little under the weather from my cold, so I'm going to rest up and start tackling this in a few days.
Replying to myself because this thread is my fitness journal. Doctor appointment this Friday with an actual sports medicine doctor, which I feel might be more applicable than a normal physician. I'm hoping that it is confirmed what exactly I did to myself or a better estimate is given. Hopefully some PT is proposed.

My gym emailed back and were sad/didn't want me to lose my momentum. They said there was a ton of other stuff they can do in the gym to maintain strength and fitness in other areas outside my hip. They also suggested maybe switching from the regular fitness class to a semi-private schedule over the next couple of months for the same cost, instead of pausing my fitness totally. They said they could make a program around my hip as well as incorporating any PT exercises I might have assigned.

Seriously going to consider this if the appointment on Friday goes well.

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