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Jul 20, 2022
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Springfield, Illinois
I recently passed my Illinois PE Mechanical exam (June 1st) and am just waiting on the license. It has been a roundabout journey to get here. I did four years in the military after high school, and then got out and decided to major in petroleum engineering at the University of Alaska. A couple years in, I changed my major to mechanical, and passed my FE a semester before graduation in 2018.

I sat for the PE June 1st and found out I passed June 8th, but dealing with the state to get my license has been a challenge. Yesterday was 6 weeks since the application was sent in without receiving any updates on the IDFPR website. After 5 calls I was finally able to connect with a real person. She read me a rejection notice from the PE board that they have yet to send me. It seems they are taking issue with my experience, even though it has been approved by NCEES. My first 2 years and 1 month after graduation I was not working under a PE, although my experience qualifies under the manufacturer exemption listed in Illinois law. The customer service associate gave me the email address of the board to ask for clarification, but to date I haven't received any communication from them, even the original rejection notice itself. If anyone has any experience dealing with the State of Illinois, please reach out.