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Oct 31, 2017
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Dear engineers,

I need assistance in resolving an issue with obtaining my PE license. After passing the mechanical PE exam and applying for the license, the board expressed concern about my experience not being supervised by an authorized individual in mechanical engineering or in an exempt industry (“experience not gained under the supervision of an individual authorized to practice mechanical engineering or otherwise performed in an exempt industry”). I have worked in pump maintenance and refurbishment, which I believe should be considered exempt. Can you share your experience regarding the type of supervisor you listed for your PE license? What qualifies as an acceptable supervisor for obtaining a license?
Dear All,

After contacting the board, I have been told that my listed experience does not meet the criteria of "qualifying mechanical engineering" experience. In response, I have been advised to submit additional references that clearly demonstrate my qualifying mechanical engineering expertise. I am going to articulate my experience using more technical terms to align with the required qualifications.

I kindly request your assistance in reviewing the revised description and providing your valuable feedback. If you are willing to volunteer your time for this review, could you please send me a message so I can send it to you for feedback? Your support in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for considering my request.

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