FE chemical or FE general?

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Mar 2, 2023
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Hi all,

I graduated from chemical engineering 10 years back and haven’t worked in a chemical industry for a while. So basically have lost touch with engineering subjects. Please could you advise on which exam would be better to take FE General or FE chemical? Which will be easier in terms of learning quicker and understand quicker using learning tools like PPI/ school of PE? I am currently working and also have a toddler. So can’t do full time study, unfortunately. Your advice would be helpful!
I was in similar case as yours (many years out of school without the FE), never planned to focus in engineering fiedd but opportunities send me right into it. I opted to take my PE exam at a neighboring state, where the Board would allow me to sit for the PE exam without FE (I must submit proof of qualified engineering work over the years). I did that and my stack of files (for Board review) was about 3 inches thick. It's a lengthy process but worth it for me. They approved me after a few months of reviews. Once I had their approval, the rest of the process was easy through NCEES. For the PE, I highly recommend School of PE. I took their 6-weeks intensive prep course just before my exam (IIRC 5 hours a night, 6 nights a week while working full time). I passed the first time.

Look around and see if you could perhaps do the same in Canada if you want to pursue the PE? Best of luck!

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