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Dec 9, 2020
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Greater Seattle Area
Hah! I'm glad I'm not the only one who made this mistake. (not glad for the mistake, glad I'm not the only one).

And based on most recent data... @MadamPirate PE I will follow the current crowd and vote @chart94 for now.

:LOL: i mean, i could use a red heeler since pink/red equates to girl and blue equates to boy... but i don't own a red heeler, only 2 blues. :)

and ... now that i'm 👻 i can post more puppy pics..


MadamPirate PE

Murder. Just Murder.
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Jul 16, 2019
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While the campers were distracted during the day, @LyceeFruit PE decided to scout the forest, to figure out where these monsters might be coming from. She and her trusty cow Marcie spent hours tracing footprints and trails through the forest. She'd find dead ends, or teenagers who had snuck off to make out. She shooed the kids back to the main part of camp, and continued looking.

"Stop there, and let me correct it... I wanna live a life from a new perspective..." she sang under her breath, as she headed back to the camp. She reset the trip alarms as the campers were gathered for dinner and evening activities. She fed herself and Marcie moo from a cooler in her truck, and decides she's going to position herself in another area near the cabins tonight.

Campers get settled in, and Lycee takes a nap during the early part of the evening. A whine from Moo wakes her up, and she shakes the grogginess from her body. She stands and stretches, and decides to do the rounds of the cabins. She can hear snoring from some of the cabins, but the gentle breeze through the campground obscures any other sounds. As Lycee reaches the far end of the cabins, she can hear screaming from the area where she set up her position from the evening. She races back that direction, only to see @chart94's feet disappearing into the forest. She skids to a stop at the edge of the forest, not wanting to enter it at night.

@chart94 was normal townsfolk.

Remaining players: @ChebyshevII PE @txjennah PE @DuranDuran @RBHeadge PE @NikR_PE

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