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Dec 8, 2018
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Looking to see if there would be any interest in starting up an EB Mafia game?

For those who haven’t heard of it, you basically have a few players who are secretly members of the mafia, and they try to eliminate all the other players before being discovered.


Welcome to EB Mafia! Below are the gameplay rules and ground rules for reference.

GAMEPLAY (moderator has discretion to change/add additional rules on a game-by-game basis, if generally agreed to by the game's players)


There are town members (townies) and mafia. Townies must try to find and eliminate the mafia before the mafia eliminates them. The game ends when either all of the Mafia is eliminated (town wins), or there are fewer townsfolk than Mafia members (Mafia wins).

The mafia members are added to a private messaging thread at the beginning of the game by the moderator; the mafia knows each other, but townies do not know who other townies are, nor whom the mafia members are. This is a game of an uninformed majority versus an informed minority.

Each day has two phases: a day phase, and a night phase. During the day phase, everybody (townies and mafia) will publicly vote for a person to eliminate; the moderator will eliminate the person with the most votes at the end of the day and reveal what their role was. If there is a tie in voting, a method will be chosen at the moderator's discretion to determine who to eliminate (we've used rock/paper/scissors and a randomizer amongst the tied players in the past). During the night phase, the Mafia members are going to privately tell the moderator who they would like to eliminate. The moderator will reveal to everyone what happened (i.e. who was killed by the mafia, if any) the following morning.

In the event the game extends to the weekend, the game will be in extended night phase starting Friday night and resuming the Monday morning.

Special Roles
In addition to regular townsfolk and members of the Mafia, there are some additional roles; most games utilize a Doctor role and a Cop role. The Doctor can choose someone to “save” during the night phase; if they choose the same person the Mafia chose, then that player will escape elimination by the Mafia that night. The Cop can “investigate” one player during each day phase.

The moderator will assign roles before game start and send more specific instructions to the members of the Mafia, and to any other special roles in play, via private message. Players who do not receive a PM from the moderator are townies.

To vote on a person to eliminate, players must mention the moderator (using the "@" symbol) publicly in the thread, and clearly specify that 1) they are voting and 2) the username of the person you are voting to eliminate.

Example: "@ChebyshevII PE PMP I vote for @ChebyshevII PE PMP because they started this game."

Votes sent to the moderator via PM or in a thread outside of the "EB Mafia" thread will not be accepted. (this does not apply to special roles who submit votes to the moderator over PM in accordance with the rules of their role)

Votes should be submitted by 9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM Central/7:00 PM Mountain/6:00 PM Pacific Time/Whatever Roar and Bly-time. Votes occurring after this time may be considered as a vote for the next day of gameplay.

Players that have been eliminated (by townie lynching, mafia nightkill, or otherwise) are not allowed to reveal their role, privately or publicly, for the duration of the game. Players who are eliminated from the game can no longer contribute to gameplay in this thread. General banter from deceased players is allowed. Deceased players may only contribute to any private threads they have previously been invited to, if rules allow for private messaging.

Private Messaging (other than between moderator and special roles)
PMs between players are not allowed during the game.

GROUND RULES (in force in and out of gameplay)

Since the game started, the EB Mafia community has grown into a tight-knit community of players that enjoy using the game as a way of relieving stress, letting off steam, and just having fun. To keep this game fun for everyone, the following ground rules are in place:
  1. EB forum guidelines must be followed at all times.
  2. Gameplay rules (both the above general rules and other rules established on a game-by-game basis) must be followed.
  3. Many on this forum value their anonymity. Therefore, doxing other players is strictly prohibited. This includes taking screenshots of private messages from any platform and placing them ANYWHERE on EB.com.
  4. Cheating is not acceptable. This includes the use of multiple accounts owned by a single person participating in a single game at the same time.
  5. Don't be a jerk or abusive to other people (on this forum or otherwise). Competition, good-natured trash talk, and limited taunting can add to the fun of the gameplay, but will ruin the game for people if taken too far. Most (if not all) of us are professionals, and are expected to conduct ourselves as such in our normal, daily lives; everyone is expected to use the same discretion in this game and across all other forums on EB.com.
Violation of the ground rules (depending on severity) may be grounds for temporary or permanent banishment from current and/or future gameplay, at the discretion of the larger EB Mafia community; certain violations may also be elevated to the EB.com administrators for further action. Again, this is supposed to be a fun environment where people can let off steam and enjoy themselves. Let's keep it that way.

We look forward to playing with you!

(Last Edited 4/12/2022)
Ok, I haven’t seen a lot of interest at this point, but if you are interested, let me know in this thread. If I get enough responses by next Monday (6/3), perhaps I’ll attempt to start a round.

ideally, we’d need about 13 or more people.

If you’ve never played mafia, here’s the basic gist: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Game_of_Mafia

I'd be down, but I'm horrible at these type of games unless it's in person.
I don’t think there will be a super huge commitment, for the most part. I’ve never done this before, so i’m not precisely sure how well it’s going to work either...it’ll be a learning experience for all of us. :)


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