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Jul 16, 2019
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Throughout the day, the campers traded whispers about what was going on. @jean15paul_PE was super popular of course, after word spread that he managed to fight off the attacker. However, he exaggerated when he said @Dothracki PE had stabbed himself in the chest, and blood had SPRAYED everywhere. Some of the girls giggled, and talked about how cute he was.

Near dinner time, a truck pulled up to the campsite. @LyceeFruit PE and her trusty sidekick Marcie Moo emerged from the truck. Lycee grabbed a backpack out of the cab and headed in to talk to the head of the camp. Tonight was Cooking Over an Open Fire, so all the campers saw this mysteriously badass lady arrive. Really, it was Please Don't Charcoal Your Food night, and counselors were prepared with fire extinguishers.

@squaretaper LIT AF PE whispered to a group gathered near him, "Hey, I know who that is. That's the famous LyceeFruit, who is a monster hunter! And her sweet doggo, Marcie Moo, who isn't afraid of anything!" The whispers spread through the teenagers, and they were all craning their necks to see if they could get a glimpse of the monster hunter. A famous person was among them, they were so excited!

LyceeFruit stalked back out of the cabin, heading to her truck to get a tub of supplies out. The counselors tried to keep the teenagers focused on dinner and songs, but as Lycee walked back and forth, they realized it was hopeless. They gave the teenagers directions not to get in her way and not to talk to her, and let them speculate amongst themselves why she was here. She brought crate after crate out of the truck, her trusty mini-cow trotting along by her side. She never spared a glance for the teenagers. Once the truck was mostly unloaded, she began opening the crates and pulling out equipment. Night vision cameras, trip wires, laser sights, salt, a shotgun, and finally a ratty old journal.

@squaretaper LIT AF PE practically squealed in delight when he saw Lycee pull out the journal. "That's her hunting log! She keeps documentation of every monster she's caught in it, and how to get rid of them! Oh my gosh, maybe there is a real monster in these woods and she's going to capture it!" Square continued to rattle on, a fanboy at heart. Lycee continued to ignore the children, and flipped through her journal. After finding the page she wanted, she sat quietly for a few minutes and read. Nodding to herself, she rose from where she was sitting on the front bumper of the truck and headed toward the back of the cabins, with Marcie hot on her heels. The director of the camp came out, and told the teenagers they had a guest tonight. They were forbidden from heading into the forest at the back of the cabins, as their guest was doing some experiments. Disobedience would mean immediate expulsion from camp.

As far as the campers could see, Lycee disappeared for the rest of the evening. The counselors got them herded back to their cabins, and told them to go to bed. Of course, it took the campers a while to settle down and head to sleep, but they eventually all made it to dreamland. Meanwhile, Lycee was setting up her tools, getting ready to catch the monster preying on the children here. She sat down in a camp chair, Marcie at her feet, and placed the shotgun in her lap.

She awoke from a doze after one of her tripwire alarms had been set off. It was set off in the wrong direction though - from the cabins to the woods, not the other way around. She grumbled about teenagers sneaking out and got up to reset it. As she was resetting the tripwire, she felt a presence behind her. Utilizing her family's gifts, she managed to get out of the way as the creature struck. She kicked it in the shin, before giving it a solid uppercut beneath the chin. The creature fell, and she blasted it with the shotgun. The shotgun was enough to stun it, and she managed to get the monster tied up before it could recover. She dragged it to her truck, and tossed it in a larger chest that was empty. She padlocked it and dusted her hands off before returning to her watch post.

LyceeFruit managed to capture @Roarbark. @Roarbark was mafia.

Remaining players: @ChebyshevII PE @txjennah PE @BlueBlueprint_PE @RBHeadge PE @NikR_PE @chart94 @DuranDuran
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