CA Surveying Exam Results - January 2023

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Mar 11, 2022
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Just waiting now for the results. I was able to finish the exam and only had 2 blind guesses. I focused on speed and knocking out the easier questions first and that gave me over an hour to work on the ones I was having trouble with. I think after my first pass I had maybe a doze flagged questions. The extra time I had was dedicated to finishing those flagged ones.

I felt good about it and think I passes, but I don't want to get my hopes up before the results come out.

This will (hopefully) be my last exam before I get licensed. Well at least until I apply to be a CA G.E.

Good luck to everyone else waiting for results.
the wait is agonizing. I didn't do a good job & I have a feeling I might need to retake it but still, the anxiety for the official results is real!!
Results have usually been coming out Friday and Saturday mornings. Hoping for tomorrow but I'm prepared to wait more (anxiously).
Not really sure why they don't have a specific date! Feels like they just enjoy making people wait lol😆
WOW that's hectic. Don't worry hopefully you passed. How did everyone think they did?
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whooo congrats to those who passed!!

i found out i passed surveying too (2nd attempt) and im finally done with exams!!!

to those continuing on this journey - don't give up!!! it took me 5 attempts to pass the 8-hr, 1 attempt for seismic, and 2 attempts for surveying. keep persevering and you will get to the finish line

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