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    PE and Money

    They should be separate. I just received a 10% PE raise and was told that this was independent from mid year raises.
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    Past the PE, experience and reciprocity

    So I passed the PE in Nebraska with 3+ years of experience and 1 bonus year for having a Master's Degree. For reciprocity, I've heard that some states will evaluate your experience when you apply and some states will evaluate your experience to when you got the PE. Does anyone have any...
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    OFFICIAL RESULTS thread for Oct. 2013

    engrstructural11 Passed PE - Civil Structural NE
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    Failed Exam - Register for April 2014

    I've heard many people say they aren't good "test takers". I too have even said that about myself. It's really just an excuse. The only way you can be a bad test taker is if you suffer from anxiety and time management, both problems can be addressed by building pre test confidence and an...
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    2013 Oct exam civil/structural

    First time civil structural taker, passed. Tips for afternoon session going forward (without breaching NCEES non disclosure) 1. Spend some time learning ASCE7 - Loading, Wind, Snow, and Seismic (ELF) - Spend 90% of your time on those main chapters 2. Know AISC 13th edition like the back of...
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    Ok you passed. How much did you spend?

    Wowzers, I got off light. 265 NCEES test fee (IIRC) 30 application fee 40 dollars NCEES study book 0 dollars for borrowed lindburg references 35 dollar rubber stamp. Total - $370 Company Reimbursement - $330 Total fee to me $40 dollars + 15 dollars of gas to get to test site = $55
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    PE or P.E. in Signature Line

    PE looks better to me.
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    December Giveaway courtesy of Engineering Videos

    Was hoping to see an email saying I won but nothing :(
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    Map: October 2013 PE Results Released

    Not sure if serious. California was the first state out.
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    Congrats all!
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    PCS states - CT, MD, MA, NJ, PA, PR, VA, WI - any results yet?

    Sorry guys, this really sucks. I was annoyed waiting for the snail mail for nebraska on saturday, I can't imagine the angst for you guys.
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    Map: October 2013 PE Results Released

    Fairly certain that those "demanding colors" were joking. The map that snobum puts together is pretty sweet.
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    Texas October 2013 PE Results out . How did you do?!

    Good thoughts. I was fortunate enough to pass my first try this December, but if I failed I was prepared to go at it and study harder. You are defined by how you respond to failure not how you respond to success, and I was going to take that thought and use it to motivate me the next go round...
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    PE Result Dates by State

    Passed Nebraska structural. Results were mailed yesterday.
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    Map: October 2013 PE Results Released

    I'd say thats good enough to update Nebraska to a Friday release by mail.