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April 2018 SE Exam Results

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8 hours ago, David Connor, SE said:

If you haven't seen my book on AASHTO SE exam questions, please look into it.  I specifically wrote it for us building engineers who have to answer AASHTO questions on this exam. Lots of people have told me it was a great help on the bridge questions.  

I haven't taken the SE yet, but would like to start gathering materials. Could you direct me to where I might find this book? Thanks!

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34 minutes ago, TheBigGuy said:

Vert:  27/40  Masonry - IR,  Steel - A,  Conc - IR,  Wood - U

Lat:  22/40  Wood/Masonry - U,  Conc - U,  General Analysis - IR,  Steel - IR

I'm really surprised about the unacceptable wood on the vertical and the 22/40 on the lat morning.  Not surprised with the unacceptable concrete problem.  Didn't have time to study it.

You don't think I'd be fine with another 4 months of studying with the above starting point?

I feel like I'm in punting range.  Only thing left to study is high seismic steel and conc.  Then its just working gobs and gobs of practice problems:  NCEES practice exam, PPI practice exam, 6 min solutions, and your bridge book.

I took both Vertical and Lateral together on same cycle and failed both. Took vertical only this cycle and passed. The reduction in stress that I felt was one of the factor that I feel pushed me over the line. Obviously everyone studies at different level but waking up that Saturday after the vertical test was one of the most horrible moments in my life.

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