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I graduated several years ago with a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology from an ABET accredited program. I took and passed my FE exam in school to obtain my EIT certification, but I moved to Florida after graduation and have been working here ever since. I work in consulting, so a PE is required to sign drawings. Unfortunately we do most of our work in Florida and Florida doesn't allow BSEET graduates to sit for the exam. I am back in school taking the extra classes to obtain a BS Electrical Engineering degree so that I can obtain a PE in all states, and am actually within a few classes of finishing. 

The experience requirement for a PE license in Florida, along with most other states, is 4 years of full time engineering experience "after graduation". Only 50% of full time experience gained before graduation can be applied to this requirement and it is for 1 year maximum regardless of the amount of experience. 

My question is, I have been working for several years doing true engineering design of power systems, etc. under several other PE's since I graduated with my BSEET degree. When I obtain my BSEE degree, will I STILL have to obtain an additional 3 years of experience before being able to get my PE license? Has anyone dealt with this before? I emailed the Florida Board of Professional Engineers, but I just got sent to the Florida statues with really a response... 

Any information would be appreciated! 


Thank you.

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Has all of your work been done in Florida or do you work on projects in multiple states? Your only chance may be to get license for another state and then go for Florida by commetity. However, if you've never done work in another state with a PE licensed in that state, it could be hard to get your license in another state also.

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