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A redneck road trip west....

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Road Guy, I am very disappointed that your Prius does not have a heads-up display.

Excellent gas mileage, though. But remember it drops as a function of your velocity squared. If you want to be a true greenie, you've got to stick to 55.

Let us know when you reach a real elevation.

Typed from 6000' above sea level.

Do you get vertigo at such dizzying heights, csb?

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5 year CO anniversary today!

Thought I would post some updates for those that dont follow my attention whore posts on FB: Wife and I tacked Quandary Peak over the weekend... Its called a "14'er" Mountain over 14,000 feet

We are slowly but surely being assimilated into the culture

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Flyer.. That's my super nerd backpacking watch that tells you when the Baro pressure drops and your altimeter, etc... It's really cool :)

That is actually pretty cool. Might be kind of fun to go flying with one some time to see how it compares to the aircraft altimeter.

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I moved west today too!! From New Hampshire to Vermont. Here's the Connecticut River...


...and I'm done. :)

They ever finish screwing around with the bridge on I-89? Last time I drove through the area, it was a mess, and West Leb was a cluster to start with.

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RG - Did you make it in?

Based on the 2 lane picture, can only assume you split off and went toward Colo Springs? Did that trip a few years ago. If you go down that way with the family - BE SURE to go to their zoo along the base of the mountains... and get there early - feed the giraffes. It's awesome!

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if they're that close to the hiking/jogging trails it likely that they're friendly and used to humans. Go ahead and pet them and pick them. They like that.

How did petting that snake go? Is it now a family pet?

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