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Jan 13, 2024
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I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering from an ABET accredited program. Gained my EIT certification in California. Passed my PE in Mechanical. However, I never did really keep a good record of my experience. Now that I am trying to apply for the PE license in California, I am stumped on the application. My path is untraditional, I believe, I work with regulations and standards that apply to electrical products (very small amount to mechanical products), think CSA, Intertek, UL, type of engineering work. I mainly preform design analysis on hardware. I wanted to take my PE and get license so I "wouldn't have to worry about it later". If I could get it over with now, why not. But, now I am not so sure if my experience will qualify under PE Mech License...? I know of a handful of people who are PE's that are in this type of work, but I am not 100% sure if that's the only experience they have (yes I know I should ask them), additionally none are from California. My coworker is a licensed PE in mechanical, but gained the PE license when working in design.

I guess, worst case scenario I can gain new experience and apply down the road. Also, has anyone taken the PE Exam and applied much later down the road for the license?

I should add, I believe my experience would fall under industrial corporations - working in a manufacturing company.
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