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Nov 14, 2022
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So I went to college in NYS where the order of FE/Work experience/ PE isnt as important. I have been working in PA for 6 years where it is important, however i was late to cue into that fact.

I took the FE exam about 3 years into my work experience, and so the first 3 years didnt count to PE eligibility according to PA rules and regs.

So my question would be does the location of your work experience matter to the PE board when applying? If I were to apply to take the PE exam in either NYS or Delaware, would they not approve if my work experience is all conducted in PA? For further context I have a BA and MS in mech eng from a NY state school.
I graduated from nyc school, I work in NYC, and im appling for California state PE license, all my references are NYS licensed.