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Feb 21, 2023
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I just got the Pass result for the Power exam.. such a relief:)
I'm a mom with a toddler, so you know time dedication is not
I scheduled exam first (3 month ago) so that I cannot turn back and get more focused...
Getting mentally prepared is very important. When exam approaching, I turned anxiety into excitement, which worked pretty well.

I'm going to take a short break and share more experience in future:)
Congratulations Judy! Must be a big relief....
And congrats on the toddler! I have a 13 month old nephew. Its the best, but it is heaps of work. Someone needs to be with him all the time or he cries.

When you get back, can you share with us:
1) what course material you chose, and why?
2) did you find it helpful? how could it be better?

Thanks, and I hope your toddler lets you sleep well.
Haha, thanks:)
For your questions:
1. I did not take any class or big book type of thing, because I feel it's very time consuming. Even I got some old books from some friend but I did not end up using them.. But what I ended up using is Zach stone material which include the free videos in his YouTube Channel and some used pdf print-out my coworker passed to I have also bought his Practice exam from Amazon. I do recommend them. I think this guy did very good job to preparing you for P.E exam. For any specific questions or topic that you feel needing elaboration, nowadays it's always easy to google to get more information.

2. Yes, I think one need a little bit of guidance on this exam or to help you better organized on the preparation, otherwise you might feel a little bit overwhelmed. During the first 3 months, I basically use going through this videos' topic by topic. I started with the topics I'm less familiar with such as the machines. The last 1-2 month, I first did Zach's practice exam to check whether I'm generally ready or not (only had 65% correct rate). Then I summarized all the mistakes and filled knowledge gaps. Then I did the NCESS practice exam(~75% correct rate) and digested and summarize mistakes carefully again. Then, I felt mostly ready.

Personally, I don't want this journey to take too long, because there are so many other things in my life distracting me. Using some thick books or hours long videoed class would make me feel frustrated about the long path and slow progress. If you feel you have a good electrical background and generally have already been familiar with most topics, Zach stone's study material should be enough.
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