Failed PE Power Exam 2nd time should I take the 3rd time or renew PE application for more attempts.

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May 24, 2016
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I took the paper Power PE exam back in April of 2019 and now the CBT Power PE in November 2023. I called the Texas Board, and they stated my approved application will expire at the end of April of 2024.

The board stated if I waited to the end of my application and reapply for the PE application this will reset my attempts all over again, which is some what of a relief.

I felt prepared for the second exam which was way different from the paper version with more conceptual type questions which I think is why I did not pass. I took a study course and put in a lot
study time compared to the first time just not being prepared.

Now, I could just hit it harder by doing practices problems and prepare for the third attempted before the April expiration of my application, but is it worth the risk to wait year?

I could just study now until my application is approved then go for the first date exam available.

Thanks for everyone's input.
Avail your third attempt before the April 2024 expiration of your application.