North Carolina Civil PE Application Review Timeline (CBT era)

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Jan 16, 2023
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Can anyone here share their experience with the NC licensing board for initial application?

There is some information on how long we may have to wait before getting the approval from the NC board. But those threads are from before the exam switched to the CBT format. The key difference is that previously the board had to deal with several applications in a short span of time twice a year (whenever the results for the two rounds of PE exams were announced). But now things have changed and we are allowed to take the exam anytime throughout the year. So I am expecting some reduction in the waiting time for application approval as the license applications are received by the board in smaller batches all year round.

In my case, I submitted the NC short form application for initial licensure on 01/10/23. My NCEES record was transmitted to the state board a day before I submitted the application. I emailed the board asking for expected date of decision but they did not respond yet.