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  • CERM 11th ED

    Can you please send me a pdf of the index, and any other files associated with the 11th ed?


    Sir ptatohed:

    Can you/anyone clarify whether approved comity applicants are free to schedule the specific exams at any time?  Prometric's apparently provides both CA specific exams multiple days every month, presumably for the comity applicant, but I cannot find this detail information on BPELSG website. Thanks.

    I have a Civil Engineering Reference Manual 14th edition. I am looking for the Index for it. Do you have it by any chance? On the there is only 15th edition Index.
    Didn't find anything online. Thanks in advance!


    I was also looking for the Errata for the 2008 and 2011 NCEES practice exams.  THANKS!


    hiii.. I took School of PE on transportation, the PM I did 27/40. the AM portion killed me. I only got 19 out of 40. I am still deciding about taking the EET-California online ( I live in  FL).

    Would you recommend me EET- California for the morning portion? Also do you remember any questions I can re-study again please.

    Site development, materials and especially Hydraulics .I did very poorly

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