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Mar 22, 2024
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Hi, I have an Electrical Engineering (ABET-accredited/Washington Accord) degree. And I'm trying to apply for the FE exam. On NCEES all non-US based degrees must be verified by the process that the university posts the degree and transcript and course description to them. But in the FAQ section it mentions that ABET-accredited degrees don't need to be verified. Is there a way that I get my education verification any other way?
Can someone please explain?
It's probably worth reaching out to NCEES and asking directly. I don't have any experience with this personally, but my past impression is that its not an issue if its ABET accredited.
Hello, I was in the same boat in 2016 when immigrated to US. I had to reached out to my college and had sent a copy directly to NCESS via mail on the address given on their website, as my university in India did not have online transcripts available. If your university has online system, then during ordering use the email address provided by NCESS and add them as additional recipients. Once NCESS received it then they will automatically update your education. Mine took 2 weeks back then. However, you don’t need to wait for it to be verified to take the FE exam. You can keep continue your exam journey, as I did with my PE license exams in California. I hope this helps. Thank you!