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May 4, 2024
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New York
Hi all,
I moved to US as an immigrant. I have BS Electrical Engineer Degree from abroad (Asian country) not from US. I have experience in designing and construction of Substations overseas but not in US.
I have applied for too many entry level positions but I didn't get any interview call. My question is that should I take FE Exam & get EIT? Will EIT be helpful in getting the job with foreign BS EE degree? or should I do Masters in Electrical Engineering to get my resume looked at? Have you seen anyone in US who has foreign BS Electrical or Civil Engineering degree and now working in US after passing FE exam as EIT Engineer?
I'm not single, I have kids. Masters is a long route, if I do it part time, it will take almost 3 years to complete Masters. I don't need any sponsor from Employers. Please guide me.