Hi all, I'm an environmental chemist studying environmental engineering!

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Apr 13, 2021
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Hello everyone, some engineering friends recommended this board, glad to be here!

A bit about me: I'm in CA, I have a chemistry bachelor's, physics minor, and 6.5 years of experience in environmental science. My career thus far has revolved around drinking water and wastewater lab analysis, as well as surface water monitoring, compliance reporting, research, and special studies. I started an MS program in environmental engineering, and plan to graduate by Dec 2021!

I'm interested in taking the FE Environmental shortly after graduation, and then eventually the PE after gaining some engineering experience. If anyone has any advice for my career transition, I'm happy to hear it. Cheers!

Goodluck. I had a bachelor in Chemical Engineering. Worked as a chemist in a WWTP laboratory for almost 4 years. It took me about a yr to decide whether it’s the right profession for me. I took the plunge anyways, it’s been six years now since I changed profession and now I am a Civil Engineer. I took my F.E last 2019. I just took my P.E last April.

It’s not an easy transition as i have to learn a lot things under Civil. Similar to yours my engineering profession revolved around compliance reporting as well some project management so learning about material science, structural engineering and a lot more were really challenging.