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Fortnite Mafia Round 5-21-2024

Day 4 - Finale

@chart94 PE floated down to the hill where @DoctorWho-PE was camped. "So nice of you to finally join us", said the investigator, clearly annoyed. "I wanted to come earlier, but there's no way anyone is going to compete with that sniper. It's basically genocide out there. Everyone else is toast. Just us left." "You must prove your worth to the resistance. I have plan. Give me your grenade."

@txjennah PE came to the hill and saw the two structures @DoctorWho-PE built. "May be a trap, or abandoned", she thought. Then she saw @chart94 PE handcuffed to a steel pole. "Looks like your friends abandoned you", she said with a sly smile. "I can save you from the storm. Want to join The Order?"

@DoctorWho-PE was hiding in a bush. She threw the shockwave grenade at the pole, and the blast knocked @chart94 PE and @txjennah PE unconscious. @DoctorWho-PE replaced @chart94 PE with @txjennah PE at the pole and revived Chart. When @txjennah PE came to, she didn't seem fazed. "What are you going to do now, commit murder?" "Murder?!?", cried @chart94 PE . You massacred 46 Loopers of the resistance. You're not getting away with that. "You have no proof." "I have video evidence. I think we'll start calling you 'Slay'." He held up his phone:

"It's quite impressive, although you look like you're enjoying it a bit too much", said @DoctorWho-PE . "Hey, if you join us and lead us to Kado Thorne, we won't leave you to die in the storm."

"I'll take my chances with the storm", said a resolved @txjennah PE.

...to be continued

Townies Win!

Thank you everyone for playing and participating. For reference:

Mafia: @RBHeadge PE , @txjennah PE
Cop: @DoctorWho-PE
Doctor: @squaretaper LIT AF PE

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