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Fortnite Mafia Round 5-21-2024

Day 2 - Afternoon

@ChebyshevII PE PMP observed the mayhem at Frenzy Fields and, choosing not to take his chances with wasps or anyone who might be carrying a DMR, wandered across the valley to the Shattered Slabs. There wasn't much else here except some dead architects and a bit of loot laying around. Apparently some more experienced loopers got a hold of 'em. There also some shoddy plans laying around, so with time to spare, Cheby learned how to quickly build simple structures (since, after all, how hard is it to decipher an architectural plan?) such as ramps, floors, roofs, doors, openings, which would allow him to take the high ground and build defensive structures when the time came. He looked up and saw a huge ramp leading up and disappearing into the clouds (not knowing it was @chart94 PE who had built his own sky fortress). "Hmmm", said @ChebyshevII PE PMP to himself , "Guess that guy doesn't want to participate. Eventually he'll have to come down and fight though."
I swear you all have the wrong guy!!!! I’m a regular townie! Honest truth!
World On Fire Doubt GIF by Mammoth Screen
Fortnite Mafia Round 5-21-2024

Day 2 - Night

The deadly storm had surrounded the entire island by now. It created a sort of circle that was slowly shrinking. Soon there would be fewer places to hide.

The center of the storm had suddenly shifted and started closing in again, and from the air @MeowMeow PE could see her options were limited. The geyser from Steamy Springs launched her to safety, but where to land? One option would be more toward the center of the circle, but that would mean more enemies. She could land at the edge of the storm, but that could be risky if she couldn't find a vehicle. @MeowMeow PE spotted a capture point on the bridge just West of Slappy Shores. This would be a good place to get some much needed loot. She was fortunate enough to find some slap juice for her wounds and a Frenzy Auto Shotgun. It had a nice blue look to it. Not a legendary weapon, but enough ammo to put away a few bad guys.


@RBHeadge PE hurried to Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit at Slappy Shores. That pizza Piper delivered smelled so good, and even though things weren't exactly going his way, he felt he deserved a break. Wow, pizza with Battistoni pepperoni and Vienna sausage...how can anyone beat that? He was sitting high with plenty of loot and a trusty legendary Thunder Burst SMG, but no significant kills. Sure, he put away a few vault guards and a couple more Loopers, but not the ones on the list from Kado Thorne. Thorne wouldn't be happy until @RBHeadge PE made some real progress.


Peering through his thermal binoculars, he spotted a figure walking on the bridge.. @MeowMeow PE ! Here was his chance to bag a high value target.

@MeowMeow PE heard the footsteps before she could see anything. Running across the bridge to the factory, she dove into the trash dumpster before @RBHeadge PE turned the corner. "I'm not a hider, I'm a fighter!" @MeowMeow PE said to herself as she leaped out to confront the nasty Order scum. @MeowMeow PE got the drop on @RBHeadge PE , and though @RBHeadge PE was crippled, Meow's shotgun was no match for his legendary SMG. @MeowMeow PE retreated to heal while @RBHeadge PE boxed himself in for protection. @MeowMeow PE came in for a second round, but after seeing @RBHeadge PE 's little fort, she knew she would be toast in another gunfight. In a classic boxfight maneuver, she quickly built a steel wall around @RBHeadge PE 's structure, sealing him in, but not before he shot off a few lucky rounds as @MeowMeow PE capped the roof over him. "I'm done for," @MeowMeow PE cried as she bled out, "but you'll never make it outta there before the storm hits!" @RBHeadge PE resigned to his fate. "Oh well, at least the pizza was good. I'm in Vienna heaven!"

@RBHeadge PE was lynched by the town. He was mafia.
@MeowMeow PE was nightkilled by the mafia.

Remaining players are: @DoctorWho-PE , @txjennah PE , @chart94 PE , @squaretaper LIT AF PE , and @ChebyshevII PE PMP
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