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Fortnite Mafia Round 5-21-2024

Day 3 - Afternoon

@squaretaper LIT AF PE wandered down to the inlet at Knotty Nets, his stomach growling and no longer full of noods. The storm and ensuing chaos had consumed 67 of the 99 combatants thus far, but all @squaretaper LIT AF PE wanted to do was find some more good food. Besides, he was a peaceful guy and not really into all the fighting. Knotty Nets offered plenty of fishing spots, so he grabbed a pole and hung out on a lounge chair, reeling in a few floppers and shield fish before dozing off.


@DoctorWho-PE found a nice hill with trees between Mega City and Frenzy fields, and set up camp building a small wooden shack. She built a duplicate structure 20 yards away, then came back to the original and covered it with sticks and foliage to make it look aged. Anyone firing at the "new" structure would reveal their location, she thought, then she took a nap to wait things out.

@ChebyshevII PE PMP found his way to the South edge of Mega City by the dock, and noticed the bank vault was empty with dead guards lying around. There wasn't much left to loot, so he took the zipline up the tallest skyscraper where he could see in all directions. This would be a perfect place to camp out before the next storm hit.

@txjennah PE was done exploring the temple and ancient structures at Rumble Ruins, fending off all attackers in the process. Her favorite prize was an epic storm scout sniper rifle she found at the base of the temple. She loved the 4X scope it came with, but was having a difficult time adjusting with different ranges, using empty mini-shield potion bottles as target practice. Wandering through a rift, she encountered the spirit of Ashoka Tano, who taught @txjennah PE to use her feelings and way of the force to aim, and not rely so much on the scope. As a parting gift, she gave TxJennah an apprentice light saber. @txjennah PE headed toward Mega City in quiet confidence.


@chart was....well...no one had seen him since he started building his ramp and disappeared into the clouds.

Fortnite Mafia Round 5-21-2024

Day 3 - Night

@squaretaper LIT AF PE sat in his lounge chair, belly full of floppers while dreaming of Singapore garlic noodles. Unfortunately, he really WAS dreaming and wouldn't be disturbed from the sounds of the approaching storm until it was too late.

@chart94 PE was apparently bored sitting around his sky base, so he proceeded to build a mini-Chicago to make himself feel more at home. One of the PVC pipes he was carrying slipped out of his hand and went over the edge, but OHSA wasn't around to see it.


@ChebyshevII PE PMP observed the fighting from the top of Mega City. He pulled out his zoom recorder to document the action. There was some intense fighting going on at the edge of Rumble Ruins. He noticed players being felled from all directions, especially those out in the open. Someone was having a field day with a sniper rifle, and @ChebyshevII PE PMP didn't want to be left out of the action. Donning his Skyblade glider, he jumped off the skyscraper and floated down to get into the fight.

@ChebyshevII PE PMP 's bad luck became legendary. Right after landing and a year to the day after having his pipes burst, the PVC pipe @chart94 PE dropped came hurtling down toward him. What's the terminal velocity of a PVC pipe from 2000 feet? Unfortunately @ChebyshevII PE PMP would never be able to do the math.

@squaretaper LIT AF PE was lynched by the town. He was the doctor.
@ChebyshevII PE PMP was nightkilled by the mafia.

Remaining players are: @DoctorWho-PE , @txjennah PE , and @chart94 PE