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Fortnite Mafia Round 5-21-2024

Day 1 - Night

@DoctorWho-PE didn't mind missing her first few shots. It was her first time shooting with the DMR, and the profile which appeared to be a tiger was so far away it didn't seem much of a threat. She was surprised how quickly she regained her confidence in the weapon, but still no memories of The Island. This was typical of all combatants: 99 players, few survivors. As long as The Order was in control, anyone captured or killed on The Island was forced to reappear time and again with their memories erased, doomed through eternity until they won their freedom. Hence their name, "Loopers".

@Tiger15 froze in shock after the first bullet whizzed by, but shook himself out of it when the second just missed his ear. He surveyed his options: To the East was Steamy Springs, but it would be at the edge of the storm and he was sure @DoctorWho-PE would pursue him. To the North was the rest of the wide open Frenzy Fields and the damn golf cart that bitch was shooting him from. The storm was closing, and he better act fast. He had no vehicle yet, so the best bet was to kill the shooter, steal the cart and escape the storm. Digging into his chess playbook, he came up with a plan. He was pinned, but he could use the tall grass as a pawn and feign injury to lure @DoctorWho-PE.

@DoctorWho-PE had a hard time seeing the tiger among the tall grass, so she toggled the thermal scope on the DMR. One shot later, she could see @Tiger15 writhing in pain among the grass. He stopped moving. @DoctorWho-PE foolishly fled the golf cart and ran to her trophy, stopping a few yards short of the tall grass where a shiny object lay at her feet. She bent over to inspect it. @Tiger15 pulled out his hand cannon (basically a pistol with sniper ammo) and fired, shattering the glass jar at @DoctorWho-PE 's feet. The shattered glass blinded @DoctorWho-PE , who fell screaming in pain. The Wildwasp jar unleashed a fury of the angry critters and they wasted no time attacking their victims. In a few seconds @Tiger15 lay in anaphylaxis shock, while @DoctorWho-PE was crawling back to her golf cart, fortunate enough to have found a medic kit earlier at the farm of Frenzy Fields. It took a little while, but she slowly recovered enough to get back to her cart and speed away from the storm. @Tiger15 wasn't so lucky, as he was eventually consumed by the storm.


@Tiger15 was lynched by the town. He was a regular townie.
@DoctorWho-PE was nightkilled by the mafia, but saved by the doctor!

Remaining players are: @RBHeadge PE , @DoctorWho-PE , @txjennah PE , @chart94 PE , @MeowMeow PE , @squaretaper LIT AF PE , and @ChebyshevII PE PMP
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Fortnite Mafia Round 5-21-2024

Day 2 - Morning

@MeowMeow PE woke up in a daze after being spat out by the port-a-potty. The hot, foggy air was a drastic change from the snowy ice caps at Lonely Lodge. "I must have landed at Steamy Springs!" It didn't take long for other Loopers running from the storm to reach her, and shots were coming in from all directions. "WHY IS EVERYONE TARGETING ME!?!?" she cried, as she was hit multiple times in the arms and chest. Fortunately, the healing power of the springs enabled her to swim away to a shelter inhabited by a giant banana. Introducing himself as Agent Peely, she decided to make an ally by purchasing a kinetic boomerang from him. Whether or not Agent Peely was a friend of the Loopers or The Order was anyone's guess, but @MeowMeow PE 's only concern at the moment was getting the hell out of Steamy Springs, so she hopped on a geyser and floated away toward the center of The Island.