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Fortnite Mafia Round 5-21-2024

Day 1 - Morning

@Tiger15 stepped to the door and peered down at the clouds. The battle bus was floating over the edge of The Island, and less than a minute later would be at the far edge. Everyone had been briefed by the bus driver @JayKay PE. The situation was quite simple: Jump, land, find a place to loot for weapons, meds, fishing poles, whatever you can find, and avoid the deadly storm and enemy combatants. With 99 players, only a few would survive The Island, and as for the fate of those captured (if not outright killed first)? Well, only The Order would know the answer to that.

@txjennah PE landed in the marshy swamps at Creeky Compound. Finding only a pistol and a few pieces of cabbage laying around, she surveyed her surroundings. Being a lifetime Looper, there was no need to panic. Other Loopers might be lingering about, and the best chances for survival might be to form an alliance, except some might secretly be working for The Order. She saw an ancient temple in the distance. Perhaps the best thing to do is to hide out there and see what develops. Besides, there was probably better loot in those old ruins than in this swampy shit.


@squaretaper LIT AF PE was a bit more fortunate, taking his chances and waiting for the bus to pass over more terrain before jumping. He landed in Mega City, which had plenty of loot and spent the rest of his morning snacking on noods from Tokyo Bay.

@RBHeadge PE was finding plenty of loot at Brutal Bastion, but not before encountering a group of minion guards from The Order. Using his newly found thunder burst smg, he dispatched the guards, one of whom dropped his key card. What luck! He proceeded to the vault to stock up on gold and even better weapons.


@Tiger15 and @ChebyshevII PE PMP dropped early at Frenzy Fields and immediately began to loot for food and meds, eyeing each other suspiciously from a distance. It was too early to tell the Loopers from The Order, and neither had found weapons yet so neither chose to pursue the other yet.

@DoctorWho-PE and @chart94 PE were in a similar situation at Shady Stilts, but @MeowMeow PE had fallen asleep on the bus, only to get kicked out by @JayKay PE while still asleep and landing at the far edge of The Island. @MeowMeow PE found herself on the opposite side of the snowy mountain range at Lonely Labs, and proceeded to hunker down while investigating info at the labs after finding a few apples and coconuts in a box.


....to be continued
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Fortnite Mafia Round 5-21-2024

Day 1 - Afternoon

Sirens could be heard throughout The Island as the storm approached. The surrounding circle of deadly clouds meant those on the edge were at highest risk to be consumed first.

@MeowMeow PE was first to see the approaching storm, being on the edge of The Island at Lonely Labs. Desperate, she ran to the radio tower building hoping to call for help. In the communications rooms, she was startled to find a young girl in a bucket hat casually typing away at her computer. "Hi, I'm Mae", she said. "Aren't you worried about the impending storm?" "Oh, I'll be long gone by then. Oh I see you got some gold. Gimme a few and I'll show you a hack to get outta tight places!" @MeowMeow PE grudgingly gave her some gold, hoping not to get scammed. "Take this fob and go to the nearest port-a-john. Press the button and it will transport you to a random spot. This works at all port-a-johns on The Island! Now let me get back to work. I'm trying to hack into this radio tower so it can tell me where the next storm hits." @MeowMeow PE wasn't sure what to think. I mean, if Mae were one of the bad guys, why didn't she just pull out a gun and shoot her? On the other hand, a good person might offer to team up. She decided to leave Mae alone and not take her chances with the storm. Into the port-a-john she went...


@RBHeadge PE had loaded up at Brutal Bastion, even finding a cool motorcycle, which he rode Southeast to a place called Slappy Shores. Apparently the guards at Brutal had phoned in a mayday before buying it, and some more goons were hot on @RBHeadge PE 's trail. After being chased to MegaCity, a red sports car pulled up and the door opened. "Hey Fish Guy, get in!" The driver couldn't have been much more than 16. She had short blonde hair and a tomboyish look about her." "Do I know you?", asked RBH, since only those close to him called him "Fish Guy". "Well, you look like a fish. Besides, anyone being chased by goons can't be all that bad. I gotta deliver some pizzas for Uncle Pete, so hang on!" "I remember I used to order Jimmy John's. They were 15 mins away and it was always ready by the time I got there. Are you that fast?" "15 mins? F*** that shit. We'll be there in 15 seconds!"


@txjennah PE remained in the temple at Rumble Ruins. @Tiger15 and @ChebyshevII PE PMP remained at Fatal Fields, but had wandered Southwest looting for weapons and did not realize they were headed in the wrong direction toward the storm. @chart94 PE found himself a cool rocket ram and used it to fly himself to the Citadel, knocking down some walls and taking out a few Loopers just for the hell of it. @DoctorWho-PE found a golf cart and drove down to Frenzy Fields, where she thought she saw a tiger at a distance and decided to test out her new thermal DMR and playfully fired a few rounds at it.

...to be continued
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