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Jul 16, 2019
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(Last night's story)
Each of you are dropped off by your parents for sleep away camp. Some are excited, some are bored, others are terrified. The camp counselors get each of you registered and assigned to a cabin, where your camp shirts are waiting on your beds. Everyone drops off their backpacks and sleeping bags, and gets changed into their camp shirt.

The first day is full of signing up for activities, tours for the new guests, and being reunited with friends from summers past for the returning guests. Dinner is uneventful - grilled hot dogs, chips, and banana pudding for dessert. A campfire is started, and and everyone goes to hang out around it. People tell silly ghost stories and roast marshmallows.

@SaltySteve stands up, and declares it is his turn to tell a story.

"So, I heard there's a monster living in these woods, who likes to prey on teenagers. Every year, someone goes missing from the camp, never to be seen again. Last year, the most beautiful girl in camp disappeared. And her cabinmate was discovered with her throat slashed, in her bed!" The other campers boo at @SaltySteve, throwing popcorn at him. "I'm serious! You guys should totally believe me!" he insists, getting more riled up. He paces in front of the fire, gesticulating wildly, not paying attention to where he is going. He trips and goes headfirst into the fire. There is horror and the counselors pull him out quickly, trying to see if he's okay. Unfortunately, he took a rogue branch to the eyeball and straight into his brain, killing him instantly.

(This morning's story)
After the incident at the bonfire, the counselors sent everyone to their cabins. Talking went on for several hours, before all the counselors demanded lights out and that everyone go to bed.

The next morning, a bugle sounded and a cheerful, "Good morning, campers!" came over the sound system. @vhab49_PE woke up, and noticed her cabinmate @beccabun PE hadn't stirred yet. "Hey, new girl. You have to get up with the bugle goes off, they get really cranky if you don't." Vhab stood and stretched, grabbing her hairbrush and starting to brush out her hair. "Hey, come on, I know it's tough the first day, but it's really fun here." Vhab walked over to Becca, and reached out to shake her awake. Becca seemed - squisher than she should have been. Vhab pulled the blanket back and realized becca's bed was stuffed. There was a note on the pillow.

"She's the first, she won't be the last."

Vhab screamed, and the counselors came running. She pointed at the note on the bed, before dissolving into tears.

@beccabun PE was taken by the mafia.

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Jan 6, 2016
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Dec 9, 2020
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