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I live in San Diego and I have the following books for Seismic:
  • Seismic Design Review (Hiner) -Used like New (no highlights or anything, just section labels.
  • Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures ASCE 7 - Full book in a binder
I have the booking book for surveying:
  • surveying-with-construction-applications-8th-edition-kavanagh-solutions-manual - Full book in a binder
Lemme know if anyone want to buy any of those books.

How much are you selling them for?
I bought Heiner from their website for $138. Thanks
Cool. You just lost atleast $8 there. My book would have been in same condition as the new one.

Good luck with your exam. Get familiar with readings all the tables in Hiner and ASCE 7 book. You will need them for some calculations.
There is a concept of counter offering and saving money. Majority of the time sellers keep some room for negotiations and buyers always try to negotiate the price down. A business lesson I learned which may help you too.