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So i just passed my PE Exam in the state of FL in Oct, 2018. I currently work in the Power Industry designing power poles. Back when I graduated from college in 2011 (BS in Civil), the job market was in the tankers and continued till about 2015-16. This whole time i've kept my current job and now became a Project Manger overseeing the office i work in. HOWEVER, i really want to get back into Civil (Specifically in Water or Environmental). Is it to late for me to switch? Since I have a PE will any company want to hire me on as Entry Level? Anyone else in the same situation? 

PS - I'm willing to take a bit of a pay cut in the beginning, but hope to make some decent money later in my career after i've proven myself. 

Thanks for the replies in advance!

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I wouldn't think that its too late to switch. I've heard that after about 8-10 years you're considered "locked into" a specialty and it starts to look weird that you want to change areas.

You're a PE and an overseeing PM, so you could probably target a similar or higher level in WRE or EnvE, but that would be for management level work. If you want to do actual technical work first hand, you may need to go down a little to gain adequate experience and to show your value.

All of this assumes though that you're looking for a job where you are licensed (FL?) and that they don't license by discipline. I don't believe that Florida licenses by discipline though?

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