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School of PE

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Apr 24, 2017
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Multi State with home office in Columbus, Ohio
The School of PE is currently working on authoring a new FE Mechanical book, tentatively coming out in summer 2023. We have chapters ready to be reviewed in October and November.

This would involve:
-Read manuscript and verify that all information is factually correct.
-Comment on whether the material presented covers the NCEES exam specs adequately (available at
-Determine whether the material contains all of the information a student would need on these topics to pass the FE Mechanical exam. For example, are any topics missing? Is there too much information about certain topics? Do topics need more examples? More explanation?
-Solve all problems. Mark any errors and suggest corrections.
-Ensure there is no overlap or duplication between chapters.
-Mark any areas that are excessive/too long and could be cut. We are hoping to streamline the content and want to include only the essential information needed to pass the exam.

NOTE: Please do NOT take time to make grammatical/stylistic edits. You are checking the accuracy, technical info, and that the exam spec qualifications are met.

Requirements: Must have FE or PE in Mechanical Engineering and live in the US.

Email us at [email protected] with your resume if interested.