AEI - Live Webinars for the Civil PE CBT Structural Depth Review Class - Starting August 21, 2022, Taught by Dr Ahmed Ibrahim and Dr Foued Zayati

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Nov 12, 2019
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AEI Live Webinars for the Civil PE CBT Structural Depth Review Class starting August 21, 2022.
Taught by Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim and Dr. Foued Zayati. Please see class testimonial at
  • The class provides a comprehensive review of the NCEES topics. Total of 62 hours of detailed lectures and problem solving.
  • Live interactive webinars starts Aug. 21. Please see Class Schedule on our website.
  • Registration to OnDemand webinars are available.
  • Registration includes:
    • 3" Binders full of class materials: Fundamentals, Examples, Homework problems and Summary Sheets for each topic.
    • CBT Homework and CBT Mini-Exams for each module.
    • 4-hour CBT Simulation Exam that includes 40 problems and a review of simulation exam solution.
    • Access to Ask the Instructor portal and and a Discussion Forum for class participants.
    • Access for 8 months. Free repeat for 4 months.
Class Contents:
  1. Structural Loads : 8 hours
  2. Structural Analysis: 12 hours
  3. Steel Design: 9 hours
  4. Concrete Design: 12 hours
  5. Foundation Design : 3 hours
  6. Wood Design: 6 hours
  7. Masonry Design: 6 hours
  8. Construction Topics: 4 hours
  9. AASHTO : 2 hours
  10. Access to Structural Mechanics section of the Civil Breadth (additional 8 hours)