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Jul 9, 2021
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I passed my Electrical Power PE exam, and am now looking to sell these materials to anyone else looking to do the same.

All the materials remain in great condition, I didn't write in or highlight any of them. There might be a couple accidental stray pen marks, but otherwise virtually new.

These materials cost me over $1000 new after shipping & tax. Yours for $500, and I pay shipping if you are in the contiguous US (lower 48 or DC).

The materials consist of:

-PPI Power Reference Manual
-PPI Power Practice Problems
-PPI Power Practice Exams
-PPI Power Quick Reference
-PPI 2017 NEC Quick-Card
-NCEES PE Power Practice Exam
-PE Electrical and Computer Power Practice Exams, Complete Set by Complex Imaginary
-Electrical Code Drillbook by Complex Imaginary
-Cram for the Professional Engineer Electrical and Computer Power Exam by James Flanagan
-Electrical Engineering PE Practice Exam and Technical Study Guide by Zach Stone
-TI-36X Pro - in my humble opinion, the best of the approved calculators for the exam
-Casio FX-115 ES Plus 2nd edition - in case you need a paperweight or something (came with the PPI bundle)

IKEA table not included. Sorry.


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Zach Stone P.E.

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Oct 25, 2016
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Jul 9, 2021
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Hi @CynicalTechHumor, happy to see our practice exam on your list. How did it compare to the others that you used, and did it help you prepare for the PE exam?

Bummer about the ikea table :)

I really liked your practice test. The solutions were clear and easy to understand, and it felt like it reached into all the relevant topics at a good depth.

Compared to the other resources I was using to prepare, it definitely had the most difficult questions - but that isn't necessarily a bad thing when you're getting ready for an 8-hour testing marathon. "Under pressure, you don't rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training."