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For Sale Selling all books for FE (Electrical) and PE (Control Systems)

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Dec 3, 2018
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Hi, I am selling all my PE Control Systems books and FE Electrical and Computer. If anyone is interested, text me at 973-330-7997 for more details and price. I live in New Jersey; pick it up or pay me the shipping cost.

FE books
FE Electrical and Computer Review Manual by Micahel R. Lindeburg
Laplace Transform by Murray R. Spiegel
Study Material for Electrical and Computer CBE Exam (Huge Binder)
Control Systems
FE sample questions + solutions
Electrical Discipline-Specific Review for the FE/EIT Exam
Practice Exams (set of three) by Wasim Asghar
FE electrical and computer practice exam
NCEES Reference Handbook 9.2

PE Books
PE Control Systems Sample Questions & Solutions by Jagadeesh Pandiyan
Control Systems Engineer (CSE) PE Exam Review Course
Control Systems Engineer 3rd edition by Bryon Lewis
Big binder on Specifications (NEMA, IP Code, NFPA)
Big binder on ISA/ANSI standards
The Engineer's Guide to Level Measurement
Control Systems Engineering Study Guide
Big Binder on Control Valve, Crane, Offices
Industrial Data Communications
Motors & Drives by Dave Polka
Control System Documentation by Thomas McAvinew and Raymond Mulley
Safety Instrumented Systems - Paul Gruhn and Harry L. Cheddie
Industrial Pressure, Level, and Density Measurement
Control Valve Primer - Hans D. Baumann
The Engineer's Guide to Overfill Prevention - Emerson
Foundation Fieldbus - Ian Verhappen and Augusto Prereira
The Engineer's Guide to Industrial Temperature Measurement - Emerson
Control Valve Handbook - Fisher
Control Systems Engineer by Chuck Cornell
Measurement and Control Basics - Thomas A. Hughes
Level User Guide for the Instrument and Project Engineer in the Refining Industry - Rosemont
Process/Industrial Instruments & Controls Handbook by Douglas M. Considine
Electrical Instruments in Hazardous Locations
Instrumentation for Process Measurement and Control
Variable Speed Drives by David William Spitzer
Sustainable Energy Efficiency
Programmable Controller 3rd Edition