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Apr 11, 2022
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Grand Rapids, MI
Calling all Hardware, Software and FPGA engineers, CS, CE and EE graduates, and anyone with a passion for seeing a complex plan come together. We are looking to fill a number of technical and non-technical roles on our team, with the flexibility to work from home or in-person at our Grand Rapids, MI location, while doing what you love.

Find a job that suits your talents and come join our team!

FPGA Engineer - Our FPGA team provides expertise in programmable logic designs targeting SoCs, FPGAs, and CPLDs for industry leaders throughout the country. You will contribute to all aspects of the electronic design project life cycle; research, planning, design, architecture, and testing. If you know how to deliver, are excited by continually honing your technical skills, and long for the opportunity to build solutions for challenging problems, this is the position for you.

Senior Software Engineer - You will be a part of our FPGA team, creating cutting edge software for FPGA based systems and products. DornerWorks provides engineering services and product solutions to our customers in the aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, and consumer industries.

Senior Hardware Engineer- You will be using your advanced electrical expertise on all aspects of the product development life cycle. You will keep up with industry trends, participate in electrical design decisions, lead and mentor others, all while continuing to develop your portfolio with a variety of project assignments across markets and industries. If you are someone who hits their stride working with other talented electrical engineers, this is the opportunity you have been seeking.

Senior Web Developer - DornerWorks is a designer of complete IoT solutions, from the cloud down to the “thing”. We are looking for a highly motivated, experienced, web developer to complement our embedded systems expertise. This candidate would be intrinsically motivated to engage our customers in sales opportunities and develop web applications connecting complex embedded products.

Embedded Software Engineer - At DornerWorks, our Embedded Software Engineers are responsible for developing great software for a wide variety of our customer’s products. You won’t be working on the same technology in the same industry day after day. You get hands on with new technologies in industries such as aerospace/defense, automotive, medical and more.

Project Manager/Team Lead - Using your project management skills, you will work closely with our customers and engineers in all phases of the product design lifecycle. You will also use your interpersonal and communication skills to lead and mentor team members to help grow and strengthen our engineering teams. If you are passionate about technology, thrive on variety and enjoy working with top technical talent, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

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