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Jul 31, 2023
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You know practice is a must - especially doing practice exams in a timed environment and as true to the real experience as possible. Here at Civil Engineering Academy, we've developed a FE and PE CBT exam simulator to look just like the real deal. You'll have the handbook with codes and standards on the left, your problems on the right, the ability to flag, AIT problems, etc.

Practice makes perfect, so when you're ready come check out a CBT exam. You can get all the deets here:



Or if you snag a course you'll get the CBT exam as part of it. You can find that right on our homepage under courses at!
I think this is great. I've already passed the test, but for anyone that has studied for the P&P exam and now has to transition, this could be really helpful. Can the CBT practice exam be taken more than once? Also, are solutions provided for the problems after the test is complete?
Yes, solutions are provided after the exam, you can take it more than once with am exam reset, and we even let you pause it in the middle because we know folks have a life.