Prepare for the NCEES CBT PE Transportation exam with our thorough review classes.

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Mar 12, 2021
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Transportation - PE Civil

Transportation - PE Civil

Transportation - PE Civil​


Prepare for the NCEES CBT PE examinations with our thorough review classes. Our comprehensive curriculum covers all Breadth and Depth topics, meticulously aligned with the latest NCEES exam specifications and the PE Handbook guidelines. Participants will receive extensive handouts that include fundamental concepts, worked examples, exam-style multiple-choice and alternative item-type homework questions, a mini-exam for each topic, and a full-length practice exam. You can choose between live webinar sessions or the flexibility of recorded on-demand videos to suit your learning preferences.


Live Webinar/On-Demand

For Exams Starting April 2024

  • Covers ALL NCEES topics (10 Chapters)
  • 85 Hours of live instructions and On-Demand
  • Three books authored by Dr. Mansour
  • 445 practice problems with detailed solutions
  • Access to Live course and its recordings
  • Mini Exam for each Chapter (Total of 275 problems)
  • Access to the instructor via email and phone
  • Mock exam with detailed explanation
  • Free repeat
  • Ask questions one on one with Dr. Mansour
  • $895 for the course and 5 books.