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Mar 7, 2015
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I passed the PE exam last fall and I am selling several of the books accumulated and/or used for study. All books are in good to excellent condition; some handwritten notes in pencil (as noted). All shipments  will be made through either First Class Mail or Expedited Priority Mail Flat Rate, unless you prefer Media (Book) Mail. Private message me if interested.

1.    Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam
Thermal and Fluids System Problems
Daniel C. Deckler, PhD, PE (2005)    $45 
    Some Handwritten Notes

2.    Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam
HVAC and Refrigeration Problems
Keith E. Elder, PE (2005)    $45
3.    Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam
Machine Design Problems
Harriet G. Cooke, PE (2005)    $45
    Some Handwritten Notes

4.    NCEES 
Sample Questions and Solutions
Thermal and Fluids Systems (2011)    $50

5.    NCEES 
Sample Questions and Solutions
HVAC and Refrigeration (2011)    $50

6.    NCEES 
Sample Questions and Solutions
Mechanical Systems and Materials (2011)    $50

7.    Mechanical PE Sample Examination
Michael R. Lindeburg, PE (2004)    $40

8.    101 Solved Mechanical Engineering Problems
Michael R. Lindeburg, PE (1994)    $50
Some Handwritten Notes

9.    Mechanical Engineering Sample Examination
Michael R. Lindeburg, PE (1995)    $40

10.    Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam
Michael R. Lindeburg, PE (2000)    $50
Missing top cover

11.    Study Guide for the HVAC&Refrigeration portion of
Mechanical Engineering PE Exam (2013) – Setzer Media Group    $25

12.    Professional Engineer’s Examination, Questions and Answers
William S. La Londe, Jr. PE    $10

13.    Engineering Unit Conversions 
Michael R. Lindeburg, PE (2009)    $30

14.    Steam tables: ASME - US Customary and SI Units, with Unit Conversion Factors and Mollier Diagrams (US and SI Units)    $5
Ring binder, with tabs

15.    Steam tables: SI Units with Compressed Water and Superheated Steam between 0.01 MPa and 1000 MPa            $5
Ring Binder, with tabs

16.    ANSI Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and Nondestructive Examination
AWS A2.4:2007,            $5
Ring Binder

18.    Casio fx-115ES PLUS Engineering/Scientific Calculator    $15
Bought new couple months before test

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