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Oct 28, 2010
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After you get your PE license, what if you move abroad. There are firms, US or even non US that ask for a US PE license for some positions for the jobs that are abroad. Some just want a US PE and some want that PE to also use his stamp, no matter which state it is from.... If you get such position abroad, do you still need to have insurance at your own state and also register with your state as if practicing in your own state? (Note: the second one i am asking is NOT the license renewal, i am already doing that one every year, even though i did not practice or use my stamp so far)...

Does your answer to above change if you use your stamp in that position vs. not use it but all they care about is that you are a PE from.US?
Your stamp is only good for the state it's achieved in. It can however make applying for a PE in other states/countries easier.

So if you move to England and start designing there, you can't stamp anything unless the design is for your state.

I moved from Colorado to New Zealand in 2016, and the Engineering authority here recognized that I am a PE and allow for a "Mutual Recognition" application to become Chartered (PE equivalent). Instead of starting from scratch, I only had to demonstrate I had sufficient knowledge of local standards.

It doesn't matter where your desk is located when you're designing something for your state. You'll need all the proper insurances and credentials for the location of where the design is used.