Happy Birthday Dark Knight!

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Dec 30, 2009
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Brew City!
Hope you can take a night off from being a watchful protector to enjoy a few CABs! :thumbs:

:multiplespotting: :happybday:


Bittersweet day for sure. Such is life. Had a great weekend and a broken finger to prove it.  :B

Was playing a softball tournament with my 50+ team. Dove for a ball in the first inning of the first game and my left index finger got jammed in the ground. Hurts like H E L L. I am the team's 3B and these suckers can hit the ball really hard with those senior softball bats. Every time I fielded one shot the pain was out of range.

Iced it last night and looks less swollen today. Maybe I will survive this. Better than that....WE WON THE TOURNAMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the BDay wishes!!!!!!!!!! 53 and counting. Not bad for a guy who thought that was not going to pass through his 50th.