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Jun 7, 2018
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Hi All,

I submitted my application to the CA board for SE licensure late July, and still hadn't heard back. Upon emailing the board, I was recently told that there is a rather substantial civil engineering application backlog, and that the (only) person reviewing the applications will not be able to get to the SE applications before late December. I was told to expect to hear back in late January, 6 months after I submitted my application! Note that the check for the application was cashed a day after it reached the board in Sac.

I plan on taking the exam April next year. I'm now a little frustrated with this whole delay given that NCEES opens exam registration December 5th, and that California SE slots fill out quick, so there is a possibility I may have to travel to another state to take the exam. I wanted to check if anyone else was in the same boat as myself, or if there are alternate options to consider at this time.
I just submitted my SE application to the CA board at the end of October and yesterday received an email that my application has been forward to technical review. Hopefully that means they will get to your application soon. I would suggest calling them to see what the status is of your application.

I am in the same boat as you that I need to take the April Exam in California. Fingers crossed they get through this quick.
I received my email on 11/16 as well. Then this morning I receive my "approved" email. Hopefully you did, too PaulyT. And Orca, hopefully your application was right behind ours. Good luck.
SE applications are in the process of being reviewed with the intent towards registration being opened. You'll all be fine.

Side note: always laugh when I see comments like "note the check was cashed the day after receipt" Government agencies have serious mandates on how to handle the the incoming funds and checks, cash, etc. cannot sit around. When the fee is processed has absolutely no bearing on the processing of the application other than it is required by law to be processed.