Average Age to take FE/PE/SE

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FE at 30 (right after getting BS in Civil Engineering)
PE at 33 (both exam and license)
SE at 34 (both exams passed, working on
application to send to GA board)

My state requires 4 years of experience for a PE license. Experience is counted from the day of graduation with BS degree in Civil Engineering. Maximum one year and no more than 50% of experience can be added to total 4 year requirement from full-time employment prior to graduation.
The reason for a late FE exam is that I came from another country with a foreign degree that NCEES didn’t like. I had to get US degree before being allowed to sit for an FE.
You must not be in PA, cause they require 4 years of experience AFTER the FE exam lol
My state require 4 years of experience after getting BS degree in Civil Engineering and not after passing FE exam. So, technically, you can pass FE 3 years after graduation and PE 4 years after the graduation and apply for a PE license right away.
Here's the same graph but from the 2022 edition:

Not too different from TS' graph from an earlier edition.

I am surprised that the average age for the FE is 26 and that the average age for the PE 32 or 33. Not too surprised about the SE though. The nearby big state school my previous firm obsessively hired from did not have taking the FE as a graduation requirement, but I think they should incorporate it. If a grad has "EIT" or "passed FE" on their resume, I am likely moving their resume at the top of the pile. In fact, just make passing the FE a graduation requirement.

Here's mine (passed all on first attempts): 21 for FE Civil, 22 for PE Civil Structural, 27 for SE Bridges. I live in a state where you can take the PE and SE exams before having the required experience.
FE: 21 (Both attempts, passed the second time)
PE: 26 (First and second attempts)
PE: 27 (Third attempt, passed)
SE: 30 (Sitting for it in July/October 2024)
FE: 26 (fail)
FE: 46 (pass)
PE: 48 (fail 2x)
PE: 58 (pass!)
Wisdom, experience and persistence pay off
FE - 22

PE - 27

SE(1) -54

SE(2) -55

SE(3) -55

SE(4) -56

SE(5) -56

SE(6) -57 (PASS!!!)

Did I meet you in Puyallup, WA in October 2023? I met a fellow bridge guy who was around your age and was on his 6th attempt (some of those were for the vertical and I think he was just taking the lateral this time). He was the only other bridge person I met there.

Glad you got the SE now! Huge accomplishment...those exams are not forgiving.