April 2024 Seismic/Surveying Results

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Passed both Surveying and Seismic first try! woohoooo!! Highly recommend CPESR and AEI.

Selling the following:

- CPESR book
- Reza Workbook
- IBC 2018 (not that different from 2021 imo)
- ASCE 7-16
- AEI study book
- AEI practice exams book
- Hiner workbook
- Seismic Cheat Sheet hardcopy and PDF (my pride and joy)
Hi, is the CPESR book and Reza Workbook still available? If so, how much for both?

If anyone is interested in purchasing my CPESR latest reference manual (I believe it’s Version 7.1), feel free to reach out. I have the previous version as well.

I also have seismic workbook and problem exam book from AEI for sale (newest and previous versions available).

FYI this is my first time trying to sell material on this website so someone familiar with the process will have to guide me

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