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New here but second time test taker.

Morning this round was what I expected from my first time taking it in April 2018. Felt like I was VERY strong in the morning. I used School of PE for both rounds to study the morning material.

Afternoon was not what I was expecting from my first experience and had to calm down after my first pass through. I have my fingers crossed that I did answer enough with my strong morning to pass this test. I did use School of PE my first time around for the afternoon and felt it was just ok and used EET this round. Kinda felt like neither afternoon class truly helped with this different afternoon. If I would have had the EET binder in April 2018 that actually might have helped me my first round. 

Anyone else wondering if the different style of questions could be new formatting for the future Civil-Structural CBT?

Took the second time ( structures), ended up with the same bloody score of 48 with similar individual score like last time.

Studied way lot more than the last time. Just cant believe diagnosis report. I knew hadn't done great but didn't expect to get 50% of the questions wrong.

The April '19 test was an outlier and not at all representative of the October Test. 

CA got the result this morning. I passed. Thank you for all information posted in this board. It helps a lot, definitely. EET course helps, for sure.

Passed on the first attempt!

Sure, this was nearly 5 years ago but I just wanted to post about my success. My firm never gave me an intranet post about it and they didn't give me one for passing the SE on the first attempt in October 2023 either (probably because I handed in my notice the day before finding out my SE result).