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    What does the Fox say?

    I'll have a look, thanks. I figure office Depot/Max or Best Buy might also have a 'limited supply' promo for the sub $300 price.
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    What does the Fox say?

    Any recommendations for a cheap laptop? (Sorry, I didn't phrase the original question well). I'm still around and still reading, but I've cut posting waaaaaay down across the interwebz.
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    What does the Fox say?

    Got a recommendation for a dirt cheap (<$300) laptop for use solely as a wifi internet/email computer (TWC Everyday low price for ISP). Looking at a Motorola SBG6580 as modem/router. Thoughts?
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    The Automotive Thread

    BTW, as for recommendations for a vehicle for RG's kid, either a 98-00 Ford Ranger or a 95-02 Cavalier with the 2.2. Both dead reliable, if unexciting and both are quite safe. I'd recommend stick for both.
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    The Automotive Thread

    I'm pretty sure Gen4 shared more chassis parts with the Gen3 than the SN95 Mustang shared with the Fox. Or if not more, about the same.
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    B-52 resurrected from desert Boneyard

    Generally, high stress, high cycled parts are replaced at depot overhaul with new parts. The AF has rebuilding/restomodding airframes down to a science.
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    Looking for Used Protective Relaying Book by Blackburn
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    Every time I see Chloe, I think of Gail the Snail. "She's squeezing it!" "Yeah, that's what she does."
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    Happy 8th Birthday!

    Happy bday eb! Since t was earth day, too, I burne a tire Android u down a tree. I shoved the tree down a strm drain. It kinda got stuck, soi pouree old motor oil on it,and down it went!
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    Certified Building Official--anyone here one?

    In an effort to (maybe) get a pay raise and (definitely) open up other avenues to pursue in the future, I'm considering taking the two tests to become an ICC CBO. Has anyone here gone through the process, and any general thoughts, comments? I learned about a month ago that the local counties...
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    License plates for bikes and other dumb ideas in proposed bill

    Now the idiocy has spread to SC. Read more here:
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    1964 World's fair (and some 1939)
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    Brazil's energy crisis

    Interesting article here:;_ylt=AwrSyCUW5jBTIQ4AOQvQtDMD
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    Kids of EB

    Admit it. That's when the bitter tears came.
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    Me too. I had those big pine blocks that I loved. I need to get them back from my parents house, now that my neice and nephew are well over a decade past using them.