Certified Building Official--anyone here one?

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Capt Worley PE

Run silent, run deep
May 4, 2007
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In an effort to (maybe) get a pay raise and (definitely) open up other avenues to pursue in the future, I'm considering taking the two tests to become an ICC CBO. Has anyone here gone through the process, and any general thoughts, comments?

I learned about a month ago that the local counties may start requiring their building officials to have a Masters, so that would put me ahead of the game versus a lot of the local players. Plus, it looks like there are two tests to pass w/in 3 years of one another, with a pretty high cyclic rate on when test can be retaken.

If anyone has taken the tests, is it kinda like the others where if you have a good grasp on how to use a table of contents, use an index, and remember to read the footnotes, you're in good shape?