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NYS PE Exam accommodations question

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I'm taking the Mechanical PE test on April 5th at Pratt in Brooklyn.  I called them a few weeks ago and asked if there would be somewhere to put our cell phones and they said yes but I just got my 'admission letter' and it says not to bring it.  Anyone take it recently in NY?  Is there somewhere to leave them?  There is no parking there and I'm planning on Uber'ing it.  Can't do that with no cell phone. Also, it says no food but also says to bring lunch!!! Can we bring food in with us?  I was really hoping to bring Snickers bars to keep my energy up during the afternoon.


Thanks all,

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Hi, yes I took it at Pratt in Oct 2018. I also took the FE many years ago...2002 and I didn't get around to taking the PE until 2018.

I brought my cell phone because my husband was picking me up.

The proctor will give you a zip lock bag for your phone and smartwatch if you have. Turn your phone off. The Proctor will keep it on the desk in the front for you. But know that at lunch time they wont give you your phone..they hold it until the end.

Also, bring your lunch...the proctor kept everyone's lunch under the same desk up front. I kept a water bottle next to my bag under the proctor desk up front and if I was thirsty I just walked up and took a sip and put it back under. But I only did that in the beginning of each session.

Also, the bathroom situation...they give you a pass but if someone in your section is using it you have to wait until they come back. Just let the proctor know you want to go next.

I didn't know any of this even when I asked NCEES before the test they said all proctors do things differently. I did notice before the test began the proctors in the other sections were doing the same..holding the phones and lunches up front.

Unfortunately I have to take it again. This time I'm taking it in Albany.

Good Luck to you

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